Wedding Anniversary Mass 2022

What is the secret to a long marriage? This was Fr Thai’s question to the most senior couple at our parish’s Wedding Anniversary Mass last Sunday. With the wisdom gained from 66 years of marriage, David Rath answered: “Do as you’re told!” This earned him a smile of approval from wife, Eithne (the lady in red in the photo) and applause from the congregation. This was one of many lighthearted moments which Fr Thai brought to the joyful celebration of Mass and Renewal of Vows.
Congratulations to the 13 couples who celebrated milestone wedding anniversaries at this year’s Mass. Your commitment to your marital vows is a fine example to the whole parish community and may we all draw inspiration from David and Eithne. As Fr Thai pointed out, they have been married longer than many of us have been on this earth!
The organizing team would like to thank Fr Thai for his continued support of this annual parish event, Fr CJ for his presence at the shared meal after Mass and our ever-reliable volunteer photographer Rudy Hendarman for a brilliant job. Our special thanks also go to the team of young parishioners who assisted with hospitality: Gavin, Cassie, Rebecca, Bronagh, Sam and Jacinta.

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More photos can be seen from the following link:

Wedding Anniversary 2022 Photo Gallery