RCIA celebrates the life of Linda Lucy

RCIA had its last 2021 weeknight session on 14 Dec (Tue). As we look forward to the reopening of WA in 2022, this was a fitting close to two very challenging years at the RCIA. As well as being a pre-Christmas celebration, the occasion also served as a fitting celebration of the life of our former RCIA candidate, Linda Lucy Austen-Smith. Linda Lucy joined the RCIA in July 2019. She faced many challenges in her RCIA journey, brought about by her poor health and COVID disruption in Mar 2020. By April 2020, Easter came and went and we were not able to receive Linda Lucy and her fellow RCIA candidates into the Church. When restriction eased in June 2020, face-to-face RCIA was able to resume. Linda Lucy was finally received into the Church on 28 Jun 2020. Linda Lucy’s RCIA journey concluded in July 2020, the longest RCIA journey on record. From October 2020, Linda Lucy’s health took a bad turn and started deteriorating rapidly. She was called home to the Lord on 2 April 2021. In her last months, Linda Lucy was supported by John Paul Care and her RCIA family. She was very touched by the warmth shown to her by her new-found faith family. Her closest family members resides overseas and were not able to attend her funeral. The RCIA and other parish volunteers supported Elaine, Linda’s niece who resides in Perth, to give Linda Lucy a fitting send-off. Linda Lucy’s faith journey was truly a timely gift from God. RCIA will resume on 8 Feb 2022, please continue to keep us in your prayers, especially our new candidates Chal, Ethan, Eddy, James and Mike. From our family to yours – have a blessed Christmas!