Our Parish

Parish History

Originally Brentwood was part of the Applecross parish, then Riverton before being named a parish in 1955. Until 1957, when Regina Coeli church was built, Mass was celebrated in homes.

Because of increase in numbers, in 1980 a parish centre was built in Willetton where Mass was celebrated until the parish church of Saints John & Paul was blessed and opened by Archbishop Foley, on 22 December 1985.

The Jubilee Year 2000 saw the construction of an immersion font for baptism at Saints John & Paul. Carved from a solid block of “Donnybrook Stone” it is a credit to the stonemason’s art. Willetton was the first parish to have such a font.The font allows for the Sacrament of Baptism to be celebrated in two ways, by pouring or immersion. The water continually flows; reminding us that Jesus is the life giving water.

An Ambry behind the font holds the three sacred oils used in the church. Each is held within a hand blown glass bottle of different design and colour. Red for the Sacred oil of Chrism, blue for the oil of Baptism, and gold for the oil of the Sick.

Our parish is a vibrant and active community, which provides an environment in which each person can grow spiritually and appreciate community life and worship. Click the button below to find out about a variety of groups in our parish.


Not far from the Kwinana Freeway, the parish is conveniently located off South Street (which runs east from Kwinana Freeway). Travelling East along South Street from the Freeway, turn left off South Street into Pine Tree Gully Road. The Parish centre is on Pine Tree Gully Road and is very easy to find.Use the maps below to locate the parish.

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We are here as a community in Christ, don’t be afraid to reach out or ask any questions regarding our parish!