Parish Stewardship

“Once one chooses to become a Disciple of
Jesus Christ, Stewardship is not an option.”

In addition to the personal  gifts Jesus gives us, we also have the gift of our parish – the freedom to belong  to a vibrant faith community.

But we should ask ourselves- are we truly making full use of this gift?

What do new members of our  parish experience? Are we truly welcoming? Are we truly evangelising our faith?  Is there more we can do?

As great as our parish is,  what would we need to do to truly make full use of our gifts?  What  could we do to transform our parish through an even deeper conversion?

For many catholic  communities around the world one answer to these questions is Stewardship!

So  … what is Stewardship?


“Stewardship is receiving God’s gifts gratefully,
cherishing and tending them in a responsible and accountable manner, sharing
them in justice and love with others, and returning them with increase to the

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Reflective Snippets about  Stewardship based on the Sunday Readings.

Stewardship By The Book