Initiation Sacrament Mass

In July 2019, 8 adults commenced their RCIA journey at our parish, inquirying to join the Catholic faith. RCIA 2019/2020 started like any other RCIA of the previous years. Through fellowship and discussions, great friendship bonds were formed, as the candidates grew closer to God. Along the way, there were the usual RCIA hospitality events comprising of food, drinks and a birthday celebrations or two.

Then on 23 Mar 2020, in the midst of our Lenten observations, COVID-19 forced a shutdown of our parish. Undeterred, the RCIA group continued to meet for online fellowship each week. Over the following three months, as restrictions eased, the RCIA group moved to a hybrid-style meeting, with 20 participants meeting face-to-face in the parish while the rest joining online. It was a challenging period for the group, for both candidates and volunteers. Yet God’s graces were always on hand, as God used this period to form the candidates and the catechist team in an unprecedented way.

Finally on 9 Jun, RCIA resumed with a new found zest. Watched over by the Holy Spirit, each group member embarked upon on a new personal encounter with the Lord. Through a number of weekly sessions and a reflection day, participants meditated over the grace of God – of being Called, Loved, Forgiven and Claimed by him. This Conversion Encounter culminated in the celebration of the Initiation Sacrament Mass on 28 Jun. With great joy, our parish received 8 adults into full communion with the Church, through the Initiation Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. At the same time, two children from our RCIA family also received the Sacrament of Baptism.

Click here to view a slideshow of our RCIA journey.

RCIA 2019/2020 and the Conversion Encounter programme will conclude on 26 Jul. To find out more about joining the Catholic Faith (or to join us as a volunteer), visit the RCIA page at