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Easter 2018 Busy Bee

A very Big Big THANK YOU for all who came along to help clean and tidy up our church in preparation for Easter 2018.

Christmas Eve Children Mass 2017

Another BIG THANK YOU for all the children who performed the Christmas Nativity Play beautifully for the Christmas Eve Children mass. Also for the Children Choir who played the music and sang for the mass magnificently. And the Children Choir performed a lovely movement while they sang Feliz Navidad at the end of the mass.

The Nativity Play

The Children Choir

The Christmas Eve Mass

Busy Bee 2017

A very big THANK YOU for all who helped out in our Parish Busy Bee on 09 December 2017.

PREP 2017 Concert

The PREP finished the year with a concert which showcased the wonderful children of PREP and their talents. We had a lovely afternoon of singing ,drama and dancing followed by a shared afternoon tea. Thank you Father Thai, Father Christian and all our Catechists for guiding the faith journey of our students. Thank you to the children who faithfully come to learn after a school day and put so much effort to learn. God bless you all.

PREPConcert2017_IMG_8590 - Cropped

PREP Mass 2017

On Sunday the 12th November the children from PREP celebrated Mass together. The children participated in a liturgical movement before Mass commenced to encourage the congregation to pray with them. The children were lead through this movement by Carol O’Keeffe and they worked very hard during rehearsals. The children also proclaimed the readings, responsorial psalm and the prayers of the faithful. The readers proclaimed exceptionally well. This was a wonderful celebration of the Eucharist to see the future of our church so active in the John and Paul community. God bless the parents for guiding their children’s faith development. Thank you all the Catechists for preparing the children so well.

Magdalene Heldt


Sacrament of Reconciliation 2017

On Thursday 26 October 2017, the children from our parish received their first Reconciliation.
Families from the parish and from Orana celebrated the Rite of Reconciliation with reverence and joy. In discussion with the children following this second rite many children made comments like ‘they felt closer to God’ , ‘they felt their soul brighten up’, ‘they felt really light’.
Reconciliation is a beautiful sacrament, may we all find the courage to experience this grace from God regularly.


Confirmation Mass 2017

On 9-10 September 2017, the children from our parish were Confirmed by Bishop Sproxton. It was a privilege to have Bishop Don in our parish for the weekend, On behalf of everyone involved in the Confirmation Masses we would like to thank Bishop Don for Confirming our children.

A huge amount of work went into preparing these Masses. We would like to thank Father Thai and Father Christian for concelebrating. We would like to thank Christine Walsh, Nik Hofmeester, and Una Henderson. An enormous amount of credit needed to be given to our teachers for preparing the candidates so well, thank you Carol O’Keeffe, Kerry Marshall, Lisa Gauci, and Bonnie Power.

We would like to thank the acolytes, altar servers, the musicians, and the singers for supporting the liturgy. Thank you to those who arranged the flowers and put up the banners.
We would like to congratulate our newly Confirmed candidates, please keep them in your prayers.






Same Sex Marriage Talk 31 Aug 2017


More than 400 attended the Same Sex Marriage talk on 31 Aug. The talk attracted interest from Yanchep to Kwinana. The speakers Fr Christian Irdi, Howard Ong and James Parker explained the Church’s teachings on Same Sex Attraction and answered questions from the floor. The discussion was respectful, civil, enlightening and often humorous. Thank you speakers, thank you Willetton!

Wedding Anniversary Mass

22 happy couples celebrated their milestone wedding anniversaries at a special Mass in our parish on 13/08/2017. They included one couple celebrating their first anniversary, five marking their 10th anniversary, and eight couples with milestones of between 50 and 61 years. Our most senior couple this year was Margaret and Lawrence Edmond, celebrating 63 years, who were unfortunately unable to attend as Lawrence was in hospital. The 23 couples have chalked up an impressive total of 792 years of marriage.


During his homily, Fr Thai congratulated the couples on being wonderful examples of marital commitment and an inspiration for other married couples. He then led the couples in a moving renewal of their marriage vows. Following Mass, the couples and their families enjoyed a shared meal in the parish centre, while being entertained by John Richards and guest singer, Selena.

The organising team would like to thank Fr Thai for celebrating a beautiful Mass, the parish hospitality team, Karen and James De Rozario, Xavier Das for helping to set up the Power Point presentation, John and Selena and members of our familes who helped on the day.

First Holy Communion 2017

on 24-25 June 2017, 63 children from our Parish received their First Holy Communion with reverence and joy. These children learnt about Jesus, they learnt prayers and responses for the liturgy of the Word and the Eucharist. The parents along with their children attended a workshop to prepare for this Sacrament. Sister Catherine Warner conducted a wonderful retreat with the candidates. Thank you to the children who read, prepared the altar, those who participated in the Gospel and Offertory procession, all of you did a great job. This Mass could not be organised without the valuable help of Judy Green, Helen Morcombe, Jodie Harold, Nik Hofmeester, Christine Walsh and Una Henderson. Thank you for your hard work. The contributions of our music ministry, acolytes and Maria for the flowers are greatly appreciated. Mostly importantly thank you Father Thai and Father Christian for their support, guidance and a wonderful homily message.

On 1-2 July 2017, the children who received their First Holy Communion came back to church to receive their certificate and celebrate with cake. Let us all pray and hope that the excitement and reverence they felt when they received their First Holy Communion is felt every time they celebrate the Eucharist.

– Magdalene Heldt