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Initiation Sacrament Mass

In July 2019, 8 adults commenced their RCIA journey at our parish, inquirying to join the Catholic faith. RCIA 2019/2020 started like any other RCIA of the previous years. Through fellowship and discussions, great friendship bonds were formed, as the candidates grew closer to God. Along the way, there were the usual RCIA hospitality events comprising of food, drinks and a birthday celebrations or two.

Then on 23 Mar 2020, in the midst of our Lenten observations, COVID-19 forced a shutdown of our parish. Undeterred, the RCIA group continued to meet for online fellowship each week. Over the following three months, as restrictions eased, the RCIA group moved to a hybrid-style meeting, with 20 participants meeting face-to-face in the parish while the rest joining online. It was a challenging period for the group, for both candidates and volunteers. Yet God’s graces were always on hand, as God used this period to form the candidates and the catechist team in an unprecedented way.

Finally on 9 Jun, RCIA resumed with a new found zest. Watched over by the Holy Spirit, each group member embarked upon on a new personal encounter with the Lord. Through a number of weekly sessions and a reflection day, participants meditated over the grace of God – of being Called, Loved, Forgiven and Claimed by him. This Conversion Encounter culminated in the celebration of the Initiation Sacrament Mass on 28 Jun. With great joy, our parish received 8 adults into full communion with the Church, through the Initiation Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. At the same time, two children from our RCIA family also received the Sacrament of Baptism.

Click here to view a slideshow of our RCIA journey.

RCIA 2019/2020 and the Conversion Encounter programme will conclude on 26 Jul. To find out more about joining the Catholic Faith (or to join us as a volunteer), visit the RCIA page at


Young People Volunteer at Foodbank WA

On Tuesday 4 Feb, a group of young people from Mission4Christ volunteered at Foodbank WA’s warehouse, where they packed hampers for people experiencing food insecurity.

Food is a basic need that people can often take for granted, and it was eye-opening to realise how many Australians are unable to afford food for themselves and their families. Working to assist these vulnerable people was a rewarding experience, while also helping to reduce food wastage by using donations from local businesses such as Aldi and Hello Fresh.

Mission4Christ would like to thank Foodbank WA for the opportunity to volunteer and all its work in supporting such a great cause.

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RIP, Mrs Caroline Ebede

Mrs Caroline Ebede, the beloved mother of Fr Hyginus, passed away on 24 Jan in Nigeria. Funeral will be held on 17 Feb at Umunnowu Village, Agulu, Nigeria. May the Lord in His boundless mercy, grant Mrs Caroline eternal rest and peace. Please keep the family in your prayers.


Children Christmas Mass 2019

Children’s Christmas Mass & Carol Service 6pm, 24th Dec 2019

Our Children’s Christmas Eve Mass and Carol Service this year was another wonderful celebration of our Lord’s birth shared by all who attended.

In the Carol Service, children of the St John and Paul’s Parish presented an outstanding performance of “The Unexpected Christmas” play by Simmone Graham (New Zealand). Told from a child’s perspective, the play depicts Angels discussing Jesus’ birth with God. The message of God’s universal love for us was beautifully delivered in the acting and dialogue with humour sprinkled throughout. Sweet and short, the play elicited smiles and giggles from the congregation.

The Nativity presentation that followed was another hit. This year we had a ‘real’ donkey join us in the procession! This almost life-sized donkey on wheels carried Mary down the aisle delighting the children (and adults) in the pews.

Our multi-talented child actors also gave their voices to sing beautifully in the choir. We had a few more musically talented children come on board this year with their flutes, a clarinet, viola, cello and saxophone. The beautiful sounds added depth and enlivened the overall presentation. It was a wonderful, enjoyable listening experience for all indeed.

Altogether the children’s presentation was impressive, delightful and impactful. Their determination in remembering lines, knowing their positions and taking on new songs was very much appreciated and is to be commended. It all paid off in the end. So too their parents who made the commitment to bring them to the practices every Saturday rain or shine. This combined effort is what makes our Parish such a vibrant community.

For many families in the Parish, including mine, Christmas isn’t complete without participating in an activity that keeps Jesus in the foremind at this special time. The lead up to Christmas becomes more meaningful as we are reminded of the reason for the season.

Our Children’s Christmas Mass and Carol service provides a great opportunity for families to experience that together.

If you and/or your children would like to join us in 2020, look out for the registrations in November. We would love your support. All children aged 7-14 welcomed.

God bless your year ahead.

Sharon Willesen

Matt 19:14 let the little children come to me and do not hinder them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these

Special Note:  A big thank you to Juanita Curtis (Nativity Presentation) and Helen Miller (Organ and Musical Arrangements) for their help in making this a memorable part of our 2019 Christmas celebrations

Busy Bee Christmas 2019

Thank you to all parishioners who have generously donated their time and talent for the Busy Bee on Saturday 30 November 2019 preparing our Church for the Christmas celebration.

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PREP Concert 2019

Our PREP program has finished for the year with a wonderful concert. Each class performed items. They sang, danced and read beautifully. We farewelled our wonderful Confirmation class. All the families joined Father Thai, Father Anthony and all the care just for a wonderful afternoon tea feast. We would sincerely like to thank, Anggy, Mary, Stephanie, Bev, Matthew, Daryl, Megan, Bronaugh, Sylvia and Carol our hard working Catechist. They prepare lessons every week, share their faith journey and truly inspire our children. May God bless you.

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The Food Fair 2019

The Food Fair 2019 was a a huge success. Together, we raised $12,500. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to each and every person who cooked, served, helped, cleaned , donated and volunteered on that day. It was YOU who made it possible.

Maria and Marisa

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Fr. Hyginus Ebede Farewell

27 October was the last day for Fr. Hyginus at the Willetton parish. The parishioners congratulated and thanked Fr. Hyginus after the mass ended. We pray that the Lord will always bless Fr. Hyginus abundantly on the next leg of his journey.

Sacrament of Reconciliation 2019

On 24 October 2019, the children of our Parish received the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time. The children prayed reverently while they waited to receive the Sacrament. We would like to thank all the Priests that were present especially Father Thai and Father Hyginus. A big thank you to the teachers and Catechists for their help in preparing the children for this Sacrament. The children and parents have attended a parent workshop, learning their prayers and attended a retreat at the Schoenstatt Shrine. Let us pray for these children and families.

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Happy 100th Birthday, Myriam

The parish family gathered after the midday mass on Friday 25 Oct to celebrate the 100th birthday of our dearly treasured member, Myriam Regnard. The celebratory lunch was lovingly prepared by a team of volunteers. It was a great  joyous occasion to celebrate and give thanks to our Lord for the life of Myriam, Growing Vine Ministry and the community of Sts John & Paul Church.

Que Dieu Vous Benisse, Myriam. You are a true testimony to God’s blessings!

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